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Game of Thrones- Season 3 Preview

Winter is coming. Advertisements

Independent Preview- Porcelain Presence

Synopsis “A terrified wife who is brutally beaten and tormented at the hands of her psychotic husband is forced to accept his haunted past by bearing his infatuation for porcelain dolls. Things start… Continue reading

2013 Oscar Predictions

Oscar Nominations 2013   Here we have it, a few predictions for the 2013 Academy Awards:   Best picture- Argo   Best Actor- Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln   Best Actress- Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings… Continue reading

Marvel Preview- Iron Man 3

‘Lesson number one- heroes, there’s no such thing.’ Won’t be a long review as it’s just a trailer, but Iron Man 3 looks good, different to its predecessors, but still good. It seems… Continue reading

Animated Preview- Frankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph

I didn’t plan on doing an animated preview until a couple of hours ago when I was reading about Frankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph. Don’t get me wrong, I love animated movies, but a)… Continue reading

007 Preview- Skyfall

I’m not a huge James Bond geek. I like the movies, I’ll watch them if they’re on, but I get confused between which villain is in which movie, who plays Bond in which… Continue reading