Review #42 Chronicles of Riddick



Directed by- David Twohy

Starring- Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Thandie Newton, Colm Feore and Judi Dench


I’m reviewing this instead of Pitch Black and Riddick (both of which I will review at a later date) as it’s my favourite of the three.

The film picks up five years after Pitch Black, and Riddick arrives on a planet called Helion Prime, where he finds himself up against an invading empire of people called Necromongers, an army that plans to convert or kill all humans in the universe, and when they say kill, they mean suck your soul out. Riddick is joined by Aereon, played brilliantly by Judi Dench, who is an ambassador from a race called the Elementals, who must help Riddick dig for his origins and find out who he really is.

I found this much more interesting than Pitch Black, which whilst still good and introduces us to the characters, gets a little tedious. With the Chronicles of Riddick, we visit different planets and meet different races. Judi Dench is the soothing presence in this action-packed film, and the Necromongers are a very sinister and actually quite scary race. The way they suck souls out is chilling, and I don’t usually remark on costumes but it’s very impressive the way they move in such bulky, dark and evil (and possibly metal) suits.

There’s a lot of action because let’s face it, if you’re watching Vin Diesel, you need action, and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s a bit of magic, a floating Judi Dench, Karl Urban as Lord Vaako who plots to overthrow the leader of the Necromongers, Lord Marshal played by Colm Feore. Vaako and his wife, played by Thandie Newton, play a deliciously evil couple who tail Riddick to find out who he really is and what it will take to lead the Necromongers.

A good film, but maybe that’s only after comparing to Pitch Black and Riddick, which are actually more similar than Chronicles is, which could in itself be a standalone movie. I was hoping Riddick would be more like Chronicles, but alas, it was incredibly boring.

Three stars.