Review #34 Monsters University

monsters university

Directed by- Dan Scanlon

Starring- Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Helen Mirren

Monsters Inc is a timeless Disney Pixar classic, so I was slightly nervous going into Monsters University. Was it going to be a Toy Story 2 or a Cars 2? I can safely say it’s nearer Toy Story 2 than Cars 2 when it comes to the standard of sequels.

The plot centers on our two favourite monsters, Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman), who are both studying for a major in Scaring at Monsters University. They both, for one reason or another, are not allowed to continue on the program. The university Dean, Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), will allow them back onto the program if their fraternity can win “the Scare Games”, a Greek fraternity type competition where societies must compete to be the scariest. This forces Sulley and Mike to work together to become the scariest monsters at the university.

The first two thirds of the film are great, and it almost felt like it matched up to Monsters Inc. However, the last third dragged a bit and it becomes a bit too similar to Monsters Inc in what happens. That still didn’t stop my general enjoyment of the film, it’s cute and sweet and has some terrific characters. We see just how Randall became the way he is in Monsters Inc, and we meet Nathan Fillion’s jock character Johnny Worthington. The movie is a reminder that the underdog can always triumph, and Helen Mirren’s character is a little terrifying. She’s a sort of flying giant centipede? A bit of a nightmare unless you’re an entomologist.

My only criticism is that it did feel like a tv movie at times. I think that’s because it was quite a simple, straightforward and somewhat slightly predictable film. The main difference between Monsters University and Toy Story 3 is that Monsters University was made with kids in mind, and Toy Story 3 is made for those who grew up with the originals.

It’s a really sweet movie and if you love Monsters Inc, definitely go see it. I’d probably go see another Monsters movie.

Four stars.