Review #28 Star Trek Into Darkness

ST into Darkness

Directed by- JJ Abrams

Starring- Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch

I was hugely skeptical when I heard the title of the new Star Trek movie. I thought it was stupid, didn’t make sense, and there wasn’t even a colon between “Star Trek” and “Into Darkness”! Very disappointing. And then I saw the trailer:

It is about ten times more awesome than the trailer. Basically, the Federation is on the hunt for a traitor called John Harrison. I’m skimping on the plot because I do not want to spoil anything for anyone, but it’s action-packed, funny (not as funny as the first one but I think that works in its favour), heart wrenching and AMAZING in IMAX.

The story is great and the length of the movie is perfect at 132 minutes and unlike Iron Man 3, which I thought I would enjoy more than this if I’m honest, at no point did I start wondering when it was going to end. The beginning started brilliantly and kept me entertained- it’s fast and full of action and then settles down. There was a bit of a pattern, action-packed, some dialogue, more action, explanation- which worked. There was always an aspect of the plot that made me curious, and was duly explained (usually by Spock).

Again, I’m not spoiling, but a Star Trek species that we didn’t see in the first movie appear, albeit only briefly. Slightly disappointing, as I wanted to see more! Although I suspect we were just being set up for the third movie. Another part I quite enjoyed was a couple of “new” characters and reminders from the original series. It made it feel more like Star Trek. JJ Abrams did a beautiful thing by changing the course of history in the universe from the first film, now allowing anything to happen- something Spock points out during the movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch is an incredible baddie. As someone said, he’s a combination of “Hannibal, the Joker and Jack Torrance. Throw Voldemort in there as well. His voice commands the attention of everyone on the Enterprise, and in the cinema.

I was blown away by this film. Maybe my expectations were too low as I’ve always counted myself a Warsie over a Trekkie, but that might all change. Four and a half stars. I bloomin’ well can’t wait for the sequel!





Leonard Nimoy appears. Yay! I actually thought Shatner was going to be in it too, and was hoping, but looking back, that would have ruined it somewhat. Even Leonard Nimoy’s scene made me feel a bit like he was in it just for the sake of it and it wasn’t that key to the story…. However, still always happy to see Spock.