Marvel Preview- Iron Man 3

‘Lesson number one- heroes, there’s no such thing.’

Won’t be a long review as it’s just a trailer, but Iron Man 3 looks good, different to its predecessors, but still good.

It seems a lot darker than the first two, with Stark appearing more serious and less happy-go-lucky than he tends to be. His relationship with Pepper Potts complicates his situation and leaves him vulnerable (classic superhero mistake- never have a loved one, they become your weak point). Looks like she obviously gets taken by the Mandarin! (Ben Kingsley).

I haven’t seen many of Kingsley’s films, and he seems to also be wearing an Iron Man suit in this, which makes me a little, shall we say, cautious about it all? He seems a bit old to be playing an enemy to Iron Man. Nevertheless, it seems like an exciting action movie with a bit of Christopher Nolan in it. And there’s a scene with Stark having an operation- lots of teasers in this!

Out April 2013.