Review #11 Quantum of Solace

Directed by- Marc Forster

Starring- Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko and Mathieu Amalric

Having seen Casino Royale earlier in the week, I found on the 007 channel (which I’ve watched about 4 hours more of than I thought I ever would), Quantum of Solace. I was disappointed with Casino Royale and had slightly higher hopes for this one, maybe a bit more of a storyline. But no, I thought it was pretty similar to Casino Royale.

This is less of a Bond movie than its predecessor, and possibly, the least ‘Bond’ Bond movie of them all. It lacks the gadgets that make 007 a smooth operator, no Q (ok not having him for one but really for two movies in a row???), serious lack of Bond cars and as with Casino Royale, too plotless.

Bond is on a warpath of revenge for the murder of his true love. But that’s it really, everything else just sort of happens to him. He just happens to end up in Haiti, he then happens to end up in South America, and happens to end up flying a plane, and I found that I didn’t really know where any of it was going. He was being rebellious with MI6 and defying orders M gives him, but I felt like I didn’t care that he was rebelling- so what? They find him again, as always, and he escapes them, as always, then he returns to MI6/M and becomes a proper agent again. The key words are always and again, I find this cycle predictable, and despite the action (not enough car chases or cars for that matter though in this), I got bored very easily.

Good points? It was a sequel, the first Bond movie to actually be a sequel, and I think it actually worked. Just don’t do it with everyone of them. The action that was there was entertaining, and you get to find a little bit out about Bond’s background. But, what happens with his old friend Mathis did not impress me. When they are in Bolivia and Mathis is in the boot of the car, Bond finds him and is being shot at so uses him as a shield. I really didn’t think that was cool, James. It didn’t seem to go with the rest of the movie. Although Bond doesn’t really have many friends, and he is upset that he dies, it just didn’t seem right.

Something I thought was a good part of the old movies was the Cold War. Actually, my favourite quote from this movie is by M- ‘at least during the Cold War if a spy was caught he would have the decency to defect’. I feel that Bond movies have lacked something since the end of the Cold War, that’s what spy movies were really about. Russians, communism, Soviets. This one is about oil. In South America. I think if you are going to do oil, set the film in the Middle East.

A paragraph about Skyfall- I’m going to see it tomorrow. From the reviews I’ve read, it’s meant to be a brilliant Bond movie. Much better than this one. Javier Bardem sounds like an incredible villain, and I believe at the end it gets a bit like Dark Knight with finding out about Bond’s past. I will undoubtedly review it soon so do not fear!

Q-less. Plotless. I think Casino Royale was better. Two and a half stars.