Review #10 Casino Royale (2006)

Directed by- Martin Campbell

Starring- Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Judi Dench

Continuing the James Bond theme, and to celebrate reviewing 10 films (woop), I thought I’d do Casino Royale.

I first watched this movie a few years ago on my ipod, and thought that the fact it was on such a small screen, I couldn’t follow the plot/found it plotless and wasn’t really impressed. So, when I watched it the day before yesterday, I thought ooooh, it can redeem itself! One of the things I thought it was missing was redeemed…

The action. It was awesome, I loved the explosions and chase scenes were brilliant. Daniel Craig can physically keep up with the James Bond character. Pierce Brosnan was good, but I thought he made it a bit… camp. Not what you really want from James Bond. So, Daniel Craig fits well as Bond. BUT, I found this movie disappointing.

The plot is based around a card game- I like. It’s a smart move that kept me interested enough. BUT, that’s kind of it. The card game is there to catch a terrorist, and Bond has to win a game of cards (and if he doesn’t then the British government will be directly funding terrorism). But everything before and after the card game is a bit, well, pointless? Or I felt like that at least. Especially afterwards. The card game ends, you find out who the traitors are, and then it ends. Eh? Maybe I should watch it again. As I said in the Skyfall preview, I’m not a huge Bond fan, so maybe I should just watch it and accept that the plots aren’t great, it’s 007 who makes the movie what it is.

That said, it was a decent first-time Bond movie for Craig. He’s suave, sophisticated, has the looks and the way with the ladies. Then Bond sticks his heart out there, which I think is really quite un-Bond-like. I know he gets married in one of the Bond movies, but the way he says it all…. I don’t think Jimmy B would act like that. He’s cold and harsh, which is what makes him an excellent spy.

I might watch it again, and try keeping my concentration at 100%, but I just felt a bit like it was missing something. I don’t know what, but just more, explanation maybe? More action to give it a bit of substance? I’d still say watch it, it’s not a bad movie, Bond or otherwise, and I’ll be watching Quantum of Solace again before I see Skyfall (which I am uber excited about, yet annoyed that I have to work instead of go to the premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday at 5pm, I’d recommend everyone to go, except don’t tell me about it and make me jealous).

Not bad for Craig’s first Bond movie. Slightly dull. But hey, it’s Bond. Three stars.