Review #8 Prometheus

By Katy Daniels

Directed by- Ridley Scott

Starring- Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green, Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender

I wasn’t expecting to have to think so much with this movie. All I was really thinking about was ‘omg I can’t wait to see an alien jumping out of somebody’s stomach’. BOY was I wrong. This movie asks questions about philosophy, the origin of man, technology, and really asks more questions than it answers in my opinion.

It starts off with the giant blue humanoid drinking some weird liquid (anyone have any clues what it was and why he collapses from it?), and then cuts to Shaw and Holloway finding the cave drawings in Scotland. My interests were peaked although I really wondered what on earth it had to do with Alien. Anyway, they have found a planet they think has the key to discovering where humans came from by studying these signs and pictograms in caves from ancient civilizations, and their trip is funded by Weyland, a super rich technological developer.

If I’m honest, it’s not completely what I’m expecting. I know it claims to be the prequel to Alien, but it really is not. It is from the same universe, and I’d say that is as far as it goes. It was a good movie, but I wanted to know who the big blue people were, what on earth did it say to David, why they went to earth and an abundance of other questions.

Something that has scarred me for life was the abortion/caesarean section scene. Special mention deserved for making me feel queasy as hell, and psychologically scarred me a bit. A machine that can perform medical operations? No thank you.

Michael Fassbender was brilliant as the android, David. I started off feeling sorry for him, being alone for a few years whilst everyone else slumbered, then being treated like absolute crap by the humans when they woke up, and just yearning for Weyland, his father figure. However, he quickly changes this behavior, and acts like a vengeful child, showing despite how brilliantly intelligent he is, androids obviously don’t mature emotionally like humans do. Then at the end the sympathy returns, I think he genuinely wants to learn more about the blue dudes. He represents mankind, intelligent, vengeful, selfish and curious.

Also, Christ did I get a shock when Weyland a) turned out to be alive, and b) is GUY PEARCE. Did not see that coming, I sort of forgot he was in it, and Holloway is the spit of Tom Hardy, I just assumed it was him.

I would go see the sequel, but only out of frustration from this, and out of curiosity about Shaw and David. Three and a half stars.

P.S. Something I rate (and the movie didn’t change my opinion of this) is the David teaser trailer/advert for Weyland Corps. Well done Fassbender.