007 Preview- Skyfall

I’m not a huge James Bond geek. I like the movies, I’ll watch them if they’re on, but I get confused between which villain is in which movie, who plays Bond in which movie, who sung the main theme for the movie etc etc. And I don’t think I’ve actually watched Casino Royale the whole way through. I find the older ones a little hard to get through; I know the more action the more unbelievable it is and less like the Ian Fleming books, but I’m really excited about Skyfall. So, I thought I would share Adele’s new song for the movie, aptly named Skyfall.

The song is good, one of the best Bond songs for a long time, and I would say rivals Shirley Bassey. However, to get to number one? I’m not sure it’s that great. Maybe it’s only got there because it is a Bond song. The lyrics are good, albeit slightly repetitive (I listened to a version that was nearly 5 minutes which probably didn’t help), but hell of a lot better than the Chris Cornell song. It’s what Bond song should be.

The trailer for Skyfall looks awesome. Like I said, I’m for all the action. I saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last year- very good, and didn’t change so much from John Le Carre’s book to offend me, but it was a bit slow, and I felt like I was missing something. In the book I got a sense of exactly what was going on, as opposed to contemplating what the characters were thinking when they looked at each other. Quantum of Solace had just the right amount of action and explosions for me, and with Daniel Craig I think the Bond movies have successfully graduated into the 21st century. You need the car chases and colourful scenes of bridges and buildings being blown up nowadays, and Skyfall seems to have that. The storyline looks good too, Bond is believed to have died- woahhh! That’s the beauty with Bond, you can do so much with him, knowing he’ll never die (unless someone in Hollywood decides to do something so crazy they deserve to be sent to Arkham Asylum).

Verdict- I will definitely be seeing 007’s new adventure.