Review #6 Looper


Directed by- Rian Johnson

Starring- Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt

If you love time travel, this is for you. I wasn’t expecting it to be so philosophical, I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt would just try help Bruce Willis get back to the future, but it’s much more than that. I’m not going to reveal the ending because I think it ended, interestingly. Not how I expected it to end.

The plot is sophisticated, although my minor time travel qualms pop up (think Grandfather Paradox on a grander scale). But brilliant. I like the idea of the criminals being sent from the future to the past to be murdered. And I also like the idea of meeting your past/future self. There is so much scope for a movie like that. Now. There is a definite contrast between the old and the new in this movie. In one scene there’s Emily Blunt boiling an old-fashioned kettle on a stove, and in another there’s a flying motorcycle. I liked this, it nudges towards the suggestion that technology has gone far, but is actually only affordable to a select few (the criminals who are in charge).  It’s a sci-fi gangster movie. The costume choice livened it up to be honest- Gordon-Levitt dresses like he’s from the 50s, duly noted by Jeff Daniels, as a nod to the past. (Deep thought warning)- a symbol of the importance of the past perhaps? Am I reading into this too much? Maybe.

I have a little bit of criticism. I was so distracted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s face. Not that it looked fake. The CGI was very good, but the fact that I knew that he wasn’t a young Bruce Willis kind of rendered it pointless. I knew that his nose was too big for his face, and they may as well have just stuck with the scene where Gordon-Levitt ages into Willis. However, I did get over that, and I thought Gordon-Levitt played Joe well and how he battles with his future self, both mentally and physically. Also, I’d like to send out my congratulations to Bruce Willis. You have starred in a successful movie with an interesting, thought-provoking plot, well done!

Emily Blunt was convincing with her American accent, and the little boy who played Cid was great, he acted so well with her and Gordon-Levitt, and when he was screaming I had an eerie ‘I see dead people’ feeling- you’ll see, it’s just really really good. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has really come along the past few years. I still remember him as Tommy with long hair from Third Rock from the Sun- he made me laugh in that. He’s successfully transitioned from teenager in comedies such as 10 Things I Hate About You to Inception and Looper. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll be nominated for an Academy Award within two or three years.

One of the best movies of the year, and a nice change from a sequel/remake. Four and a half stars.