TV Show Review #1- How I met your Mother Season 8 Episode 1


Creators- Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

Starring- Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and Cobie Smulders.

First review of a tv series! Won’t be long as I’ll only be reviewing the first episodes of shows that haven’t finished, so any feedback would be welcome.

New series- closer to finding out WHO IN GOD’S NAME THOSE KIDS’ MOTHER IS. Gotta say, I have enjoyed the past couple of series, but I’m starting to get ever so slightly annoyed/agitated. The first couple of series, ok, I like the fact that we get introduced to quite a few women and it could be any one of them. But now we’ve pretty much exhausted most of the known options. This episode was funny, it made me laugh out loud as much as the first series did which is a real feat for a show on its eighth series, I think only Frasier and Friends rivals that. Marshal and Lily have their baby and that didn’t stop the humour or change the show in my opinion, Barney was still… Barney, and Ted ends up being depressed as always. I feel it ended on a down point. I’m fine not being constantly teased about who the mother is, but at the end (not really a spoiler alert because let’s face it, every minute of HIMYM is a spoiler alert waiting to happen) Ted is sat at a train station, sad and lonely, and (the woman who is obviously his wife) turns up with her guitar and yellow umbrella, which incidentally, covers her face. Then the credits roll.

This episode guest stars Thomas Lennon. Enough said really. I love him popping up in random rom coms/superhero movies/Zac Efron stuff I’m dragged to.

I still rate HIMYM, definitely, it is unique in its story-telling. But it feels like it’s a little more important to me than a sitcom. I actually care about who the mother is, and whom the characters end up with and how they get there. As with most of the episodes, I was left swearing at being left so unsatisfied and feeling cheated by the writers. Followed by feeling giddy at the excitement that next week I will be one step closer to finding out who their mother is.