Review #2 The Bourne Legacy



By Katy Daniels

Rated 12A

Director- Tony Gilroy

Starring- Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton.

The Bourne Trilogy is a brilliant adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s books about Jason Bourne, the memoryless CIA agent who has to discover who he is whilst dodging several assassins. Seeing as I’m a big fan of the originals and a sequel has just been announced, I thought I should review The Bourne Legacy.

And the conclusion- I was disappointed. Similar storyline, Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross, a ‘volunteer’ for a secret CIA program. A similar line to the originals really, he escapes and must help and rescue his doctor damsel in distress, Rachel Weisz. I found it started off too slow, with Renner wandering around in the snowy mountains for a good ten minutes before some action, followed by long long bouts of talking, which gets tiresome. It switches from the Renner-Weisz story to the CIA agents attempting to catch them, which also has a bit of a subplot, which I really fail to see the point in. Edward Norton, one of the CIA chiefs trying to catch (and ultimately kill) Cross, talks about how, at the exact same time they are trying to kill Cross and his lady doctor, Jason Bourne is on the loose in New York. Now, I suddenly got excited and thought, ooooooh, Matt Damon might appear! Sadly, I was mistaken. Bourne just seemed to be running around New York and the CIA were discussing how important it was, whilst also discussing how important it is to catch Cross. Either include Matt Damon as Bourne and have a proper storyline about him, or don’t. Don’t try to include him in a spinoff by simply discussing his movements and not showing us.

It wasn’t all bad (just). The few actions scenes were good and up to scratch, a scene where Cross rescues Dr. Shearing in her giant house and he takes out a load of agents is pretty awesome, as well as the motorcycle chase at the end. I read that Renner and Weisz did their own stunts for that, quite astounding when you see the speed/dangers/general traffic in Manila. The end was… to be expected. Just like the Bourne Identity ended, a tongue in cheek I didn’t really appreciate if I’m honest. I was expecting the Bourne Legacy to be just that, a legacy, not unsubtle reminders about the original trilogy, which as a fan of Damon’s Bourne, did not appreciate.

Will I be going to the sequel? Maybe. Sequels have got better over the past 4/5 years, so perhaps. As long as there’s less talking, more action, and it gets the balance between being a legacy and being a movie in its own right.

Two and a half stars.